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My Work
Occupy My Life Episode Five:
South America
Occupy My Life is a web series by Tyler Ludowitz about a group of travelers searching for the embodiment of true freedom. The 5th episode covers Colonia 5000, a Santo Daime Ayahuasca church in the Amazon of Brazil and the Quyllur Rit'i festival, an ancestral pilgrimage to the top of one of the highest mountains in Peru.
Yowie “Absurdly Ineffective Barricade” Music Video
Music video shot on 8mm Black and White film for the band Yowie. Shot in Bali Indonesia and St. Louis Missouri
In the Blue of an Electric Dawn
In the Blue of an Electric Dawn is a film revolving around one particular night during a bike caravan's adventure traveling from Montana to British Columbia, Canada without any money to get to a Rainbow Gathering.
Adhere 13th Blues Bar
The AdHere 13th Blues Bar is one of the oldest Blues bars in Bangkok Thailand. This short documentary gives a brief glimpse into The Banglumpoo Blues Company, one of the most famous Blues bands in Thailand and some of the other musicians behind Adhere 13th Blues Bar.
The Salvia Files: Shane Patch
The Salvia Files is a raw look at people smoking Salvia Divinorum, a federally legal psychedelic plant in America.


Tyler Ludowitz is a filmmaker, analog photographer and traveler from Topanga California, born in 1986. After getting his super 8mm camera and film stolen while traveling Europe trying to make his first film, he went back to America determined to make a feature length documentary entirely on 8mm film. After working a summer in a Fish Processing Factory in Homer Alaska, he saved up and bought a one way ticket to India and spent eight months traveling around Asia filming what eventually became Quiet Place in the Universe, his first feature film which was awarded an Exceptional Merit Prize at an The World Global film festival competition and has been called a cult classic and one of the greatest films of all time. He has since gone on to travel over 40 countries in over eight years of traveling. He is currently teaching English in Asia now.


Contact Tyler if you would like a Film Photographer/Editor or Videographer for hire.
Email: stroszek86@gmail.com
Tel: +86 159 0082 4329

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